Prayagraj Division operates goods and parcel trains during lock down

Prayagraj division is a very busy and large division of Indian Railways, which is operating trains more than its operational capacity successfully. In order to avoid Covid-19, the system of transportation of essential commodities and medical related materials has become very important at the time of lock-down in the whole country. Although the passenger trains are halted due to lock-down, parcel trains are also being operated along with goods trains to carry essential civil supplies like grains, vegetables, medicines, milk, fruits etc. from one place to another and Supply of essential materials is being ensured in the country. Railway employees such as Controller, Station Master, Trains Clerk, Porter, Track Maintainer, Loco Pilot and Guards are providing their services day and night when people are not getting out of the house to prevent infection of Corona virus due to lock down. They are playing an important role in the operation of goods and parcel trains. Interested people can contact parcel office and divisional office to book their goods, the system is being arranged to send parcels at a rapid speed.

        Under the direction of DRM Prayagraj Shri Amitabh and under the efficient leadership of Sr DOM Shri Manu Prakash Dubey, a total of 3379 freight trains were operated in the month of April, in which 1675 freight trains were Take Over and 1704 freight trains were made over by the division. Thus, around 112 freight trains were operated daily by the division. Apart from this, 206 parcel trains were also operated for the supply of essential materials, whose punctuality was ensured at 86%.

          Important works related to track maintenance and signaling are being done in the entire division at the time of lock-down so that the speed of passenger trains can be increased after the end of lock-down. DRM Prayagraj inspected the stations under the Prayagraj Jn- Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Jn Section, Etawah-Prayagraj Jn and Tundla Jn along with the senior officers of the division. During the inspection, DRM Prayagraj ensured the availability of masks, soaps, sanitizers etc. at all the stations, all employees were directed to wear masks and work carefully in compliance with social distancing. A special message has been issued to all the employees and their family members working in the division, that to go out of the house in public places after wearing face cover (mask), if mask is not available, handmade three layer face cover with a clean cloth can also be used as face mask. In case of special circumstances where mask is not available handkerchief, scarf etc. can also be used as face cover. Once used, the face cover, handkerchief, scarf etc., can be reused after thoroughly cleaning it with soap.

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