Dr Darakhshan Andrabi takes stock of Urs celebrations at Khankah-e-Maula in Srinagar

Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today morning visited the spiritual shrine of Khankah-e-Maula in Srinagar and took stock of the Annual Urs arrangements of J&K Waqf Board, District Administration & other government agencies. She was accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer of Waqf Board DR Syed Maajid Jahangir, Tehsildar of Waqf Board Ishtiaq Mohiuddin and the administrator of the shrine in addition to the representatives of different departments. She interacted with representatives of different departments, Shrine management Committee and the Waqf authorities and instructed them to create a co-ordinated mechanism of working so that every pilgrim visiting the shrine during the Urs celebrations gets all the facilities and the sanctity of the shrine is maintained at all costs. Dr Andrabi thanked the representatives of different government departments for their cooperation to the Waqf management for putting in place all necessary arrangements well in time. While interacting with the people visiting the shrine Dr Darakhshan assured them that all necessary arrangements will be updated and it will be ensured that no shortcoming is observed during the Urs period. She appealed to the public to cooperate in maintaining cleanliness at all costs in and around the shrine complex during the special congregations.  

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